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Project 366

  • IMG_0246
    366 pictures - 1 for each day of the leap year.

Pregnancy Pics

  • Due Date
    Comparison of Pregnancy 1 & 2 (click on picture to enlarge)

Nursery Progress

  • Img_0453
    Hamilton's nursery

New House

  • Full Front
    There is A LOT! May take a sec to load.


  • Mkashdolphin
    Our trip to Cancun Sept 2-8, 2006

House Updates

  • Before and after photos of changes we are currently making to the house.

Hamilton's Birth

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    Raw images of Hamilton's birth.

Hamilton Surprise

  • Cloud
    Surprising the fam with the baby news.

Hamilton Month By Month

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    Taken each month on the 11th.

First Birthday

  • Img_1873
    Hamilton's 1st Birthday Party

24th of Each Month

  • Img_9329
    This album is 'growing belly' shots.

About Me...

  • I am a recent stay-at-home mom. I live to honor my husband and to encourage and rear my son in the principles of the Lord. My favorite color is purple. I'm a Dr. Pepper and candy (the real kind...not chocolate) junky. I am more competitive than creative and am slightly anal when it comes to rules and schedules.

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Hamilton Loring

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Luke Crosby

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My Husband and His Bride

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2012 Project 366

My Church...

  • Browns Bridge Community Church
    You can find information on this website on anything and everything about our church. Mark and I are Community Group leaders and Married Couple's GroupLink Assimilators. You can listen to the sermons we hear every Sunday, read about WaumbaLand the Sunday morning home of Hamilton, or even visit our resource center. We just started an 'online campus' so if you'd like to experience a service log on to at 6:00 p.m. est to watch.

Misc. Docs

Books Hamilton Is Currently Reading:

  • C. S. Lewis: The Magician's Nephew

    C. S. Lewis: The Magician's Nephew
    Hamilton loves the Narnia movies so when I told him I had the books and there were more books than there were movies he was so excited. I was a little nervous they would be over his head, but he looks forward to going to bed each night knowing that he is going to get to read another chapter and he is comprehending it really well!! (The cool part for me is the first (and last time) I read them was while I was pregnant with H when I couldn't sleep I'd read them aloud to him while rocking in his nursery).

Some of My Favorite Reads: